30 April 2011

What is Elektrostatic all about?

A series of contemporary-classical concerts that have been going on for 4 years, at its heart, Elektrostatic is about encouraging people to rediscover the exciting possibilities of contemporary music. As part of Elektrostatic and in conjunction with Mayfest, composer and larger-than-life performer, Peter Swaffer-Reynolds (No Fit State Circus), co-curates an evening of unique music and performance influenced by circus and theatre, Musical Circus.

Elektrostatic’s curator Richard Barnard explains why he is excited about this show; “I can’t wait to work with one of the most talented and distinctive musicians in Bristol – Peter Swaffer-Reynolds. His unique experience of creating scintillating, imaginative music for circus and theatre guarantees a feast of visual and musical invention.”

To listen to the full interview with Richard Barnard, follow the link here.

Here's also an interview with Peter Swaffer-Reynolds as he discusses his creative approach to being the musical director one of No Fit State Circus' previous shows, Mundo Paralelo:

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