29 April 2011

Meet the Mayfest Crew: Chris Swain

What is your job at Mayfest?
Production Manager

Which 3 shows are you most looking forward to at this year's Mayfest?
I Guess If The Stage Exploded... - A performance that is IMPOSSIBLE to forget sounds like a challenge. I'm excited to see how it is tackled.
The Ice Book - Gorgeous looking mini-show, part pop-up book, part film, part live performance.
Save Me - Where would a festival be without a semaphore soap opera?

I love Mayfest because…
It brings performers and companies to Bristol that are experimental, daring and exciting. And you get to dive in for two weeks and experience the true festival vibe of seeing loads of great stuff packed into a short space of time.

Sum up Mayfest in 3 shiny words.
Festival in May?  Hectic Theatrical Bonanza!

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