27 April 2011

Last Chance to Register for Fortnight

Tomorrow at 6.30pm is your absolute last chance to register for Proto-Type Theater’s Fortnight, the theatre experience that will redefine the way you look at your city, your home. It's unlike anything you've ever done before, and might just change your life.

Fortnight enables the experience of “theatre” to penetrate beneath a seemingly brittle aesthetic surface of performance, deep into the consciousnesses of participants as they begin to interact with and perceive world around them as the performance itself; the place where we act out our own daily lives. In Fortnight, the spectator becomes participant; the journey becomes narrative. The mediated messages within Fortnight lead participants down a living, breathing rabbit hole where the familiar becomes unfamiliar and reality distorts.

Sign up today and over the ensuing two weeks you will receive a series of secret invites, poetic nudges and mysterious communications that will ask you to look again at the way you navigate through your city.

To book your place, call Bristol Old Vic Box Office on 0117 987 7877.

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