1 April 2011


Foster & Déchery
8pm, Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th May 2011 @ Tobacco Factory Theatre

With Epic we will go on a quest for history; the big one, written about in books. The one with world wars in it, with memorable dates and names you learn at school, but also the personal one, the human one, the one you can relate to.

Four performers track down the history of their own families, digging up the secrets of the Northern mines, a French family caught between colonialism in Cameroon and Paris in May 1968, and a grandfather on a torpedoed boat at the close of the Second World War.

A playful and experimental journey through the past hundred years, Epic combines personal stories, video interaction, fanciful re-enactments of key 20th century events, and a cameo from Bertolt Brecht.

Foster & Déchery make thrilling, accessible, pared down theatre that harnesses the power of the autobiographical to connect us to issues of the moment. This hotly-tipped new piece also features Bristol’s very own Ed Rapley.

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