23 April 2011

Action Hero’s Top Mayfest Picks

James Stenhouse is one half of Action Hero, a Bristol-based live art and performance duo who, since 2005, have been creating work that links audiences together and unifies them as part of the live event, building a temporary community.

Which 3 shows are you most looking forward to at this year’s Mayfest?

Operation Greenfield - Little Bulb's work is amazing. They are ridiculously talented and this show is extraordinary.

Save Me - I'm biased cos they're my best buddies but this is a beautiful piece. It works best if you dip in and out over the course of the festival (it’s free!) or over the course of a few hours. From a very simple action there is a really amazing depth of ideas and feeling. Love it.

The Blind Tiger - I occasionally find the theatre a bit of an inconvenient barrier between me and a night of merry drinking so I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to combine the two this year. I also love art/music/performance that is rough and ready, slightly shoddy and spontaneous so The Blind Tiger really appeals to me.

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